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Why Gustave?

The services available
on the one and only platform

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    Car deliveryDelivery your vehicles over short or long distances.
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    BodyworkTrust our bodywork experts to restore your vehicle to its original shine.
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    MaintenanceEnsure the reliability and performance of your fleet with our preventive maintenance service.
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    Car washRely on our carefully selected partner washers to shine and prepare your vehicles before rental or sale.
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By the numbers

Discover how Gustave drives growth with impressive and measurable results, along with operational optimization.

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Operations per week
Hours saved

Key Features

Explore the standout features that make Gustave your go-to marketplace solution for fleet management and repairs.

Instant Dispatch

Dispatch your missions instantly, track vehicle missions in real-time, and coordinate all your fleet operations.Details

Gustave Network

Access a vast network of premium repair services, ensuring quality and efficiency in fleet maintenance.More Info

Analytic Tools

Leverage powerful analytic tools for data-driven decisions that optimize fleet performance and reduce costs.Explore
"Gustave has tailored its service to our needs by providing a customized dashboard for recruiting short-distance drivers in Paris. This personalized solution has efficiently automated our operations, saving us up to 30% of our time."
Benoit NolfConvoy Manager @ Virtuo

The Benefits of Our Solution

Comprehensive mission reportNo more lack of information about repairs and transportations. Now, stay informed in real-time about the return or arrival date of your vehicles.
Real-time trackingStay informed of the location and activities of each vehicle in real-time, wherever you are.
Customized analysisGet personalized financial reports to optimize fleet management.
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Loueurs automobiles et entrepreneurs du free-floating

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Assureurs et courtiers

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We answer your questions.

Who are your partners?

Our network consists of self-employed individuals and qualified garages that are monitored to provide optimal service quality and protect clients against potential requalification.

Why would I pay less by using Gustave?

You pay less because all our rates are already pre-negotiated, and you need much less time to manage your operations.

When I order a garage operation, do I also need to order a convoying operation?

It's completely automatic! Convoying is always included in all our repair and maintenance operations.

Do I need to be subscribed to benefit from your services?

Not at the moment :) because we reserve our service for fleets of +50 vehicles.An offer is being prepared for smaller fleets.

Do you want to register as a partner?

Create an account now for free and attract new clients to you!

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